Diary of a Thin Hair Sister

I am right at the beginning of my sisterlocks 'journey' and very pleased and proud that I finally made the decision. Being a tad surprised (shocked?) at my thin hair, I thought that I would chart my progress and share my experience with a community of people both looking to start or already on their sisterlock voyage. (Do not make copies of my photos!!)

Monday, August 12, 2013

7 Years

(my daughter styled the fishtail ponytail. she's my precious angel)! It's been 7 wild years since I began my sisterlocks! As many locbloggers have stated, it is surprising how quickly the time passes. It seems like just yesterday that I was braiding and banding! Although my blog name reflects my anxiety about the beginning of the process, I can't say that 'thin' hair is my main concern. Don't get me wrong - I really don't like being photographed in front of a bright window or with my back to the sun! Still, I am truly amazed by my ability to wear a ponytail without wrapping the hairband more than once! Otherwise, the honeymoon phase is over! I don't spend hours staring at my hair in the mirror, and I'm too lazy to try new styles regularly (not a good thing). I'm pretty much settled into loclife and now contemplating cutting my locs into a bob....

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Blogger Locky said...

Hi Helga, congratulations on being sisterlocked for 7 years! Am so happy to see an update. Your daughter did a beautiful job on the fishtail. I still love how your hair developed. If you decide to do a bob I hope to see a picture. You are the reason I decided to get sisterlocked. Have a great day! Locky

10:45 PM  
Blogger Helga said...

Locky: thank you for your kind message! my daughter is fighting me everyday about the bob, but we'll see!

6:15 PM  

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